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Am I Complicated…?

I’m not really that complicated of a person. Well, that sentence isn’t entirely true. I don’t waste time on those who do not care to pay attention to details or my favorite books. It takes effort. It takes you wanting me more than the oceans wish to constantly fall in love with the shores. You need to ask endless questions. Don’t be the one who thinks he knows but is too proud to ask…you will look like a fool and I will point that out to you incase you thought otherwise. Be kind and be gentle. I am looking for a lover of not only the confident kind, but a heart that values touch and conversation. If you think you aren’t giving your best to me, you don’t have to ask yourself twice because you need to know what it takes to hold onto someone special. If you should be egotistical, someone will be thanking you when you thought you’d be better off without me. Then your silly and childish self will be looking for me in everyone else. All you will find is my laugh and it will drive you insane…but I tried to warn you. A woman like me is a slow beautiful death for some and a heart attack for others. It all depends on how you want to be remembered. If you cannot stay, please, do not fool me into thinking you will. You won’t only regret that decision, you will wish you didn’t make an enemy of my caliber. There are no white flags when it comes to lying to me. I’ve probably already killed you twice before you said hello.

An addition:

“I can love you out of your madness, if only you would let me.
I dare you to let me…”


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