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Weapons We Use

Love changes people. Or maybe people try to change love. Hands can be weapons, but our lips become fists, and tongues turn to knives. So, forgive me for flinching when your mouth is pressed against my neck. It would be much easier if we weren’t so chemical, and just let physics take over. I want love like gravity: where two objects fall at the exact same rate of speed. So long as there’s no resistance, we fall together. Our past wouldn’t cling to us, and no upbringing would slow us down. We’d entrust each other with our own lungs, and guard hearts like they were the last two left. When I tell you I’d fight for you, remind me I’ll never have to. And feel how freeing it is knowing that, moving forward, anything that threatens us will be beaten back, not by one, but by two. I want “no matter what”. I want us to feel the fear of falling, but be so God damned ready for each other, that we lock arms, and get a running start. Anything short of that, isn’t worth the drop. And, quite frankly, I’ve only got a few falls left……


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