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What Do You Bring?

So tell me. Can you love me with all of you? Anyone can love pieces of me, hell some days that’s all I’ve known how to love of myself. So what more do you bring? Can you love the pieces and also how they make me whole? Can you ride my highs and lows and savor every feeling that lies in-between. I don’t need you. I’m already everything I could ever need. But you, can you be that one that’s more than I’ve ever dreamed? I’m not talking about those easy simple things. Any fool can remember what kind of wine I drink, how I take my coffee and to buy flowers on special days. I don’t crave such meager things. Can you know what I’m thinking and why on the days when I can barely remember for myself? Can you look past yourself to see all of me and be the one to put me first? Could you accept me fully as I am on those days when I struggle to accept myself? What do you bring? I’ve been screwed over before. More ways than one. And intimacy comes easy but could you seduce my mind as well? Love my soul to its core? Can you look inside your own heart and truly find only me standing there? Can you find me on the days I’m lost and still let me find my own way home? Be strong enough to not try to fix me, and to know I’ve already saved myself? If you think you can then fight for me, until happy or bitter end. But if you can’t, step aside, be man enough to let me find the one who will. I promise if it’s not you he’s out there looking for me. So don’t you dare waste my time for the sake of you standing in my way. Don’t confuse ego or lust for love, if you love me, then do it right or else let me run free.



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