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I’ll Wait Here

I’ll wait here…

There’s nothing for me out there. I know you haven’t explored enough yet, you haven’t turned over enough rocks within. You’re still learning what you’re made of, digging and searching for what you admire. So, go. Go find all the treasures of yourself. Scratch and claw your way through the mud, fall in and out of love a hundred times. Go break your heart wide open, and feel the sting of giving up on your biggest dreams. There’s no shame in changing directions, just never settle, never wed the status quo. I will not trail you, however. I refuse to club anyone over the head with my heart. I know love to be a timing thing, and we’re just two wheels who won’t always fit together. The journey you’re on, I am also on. I’m just a little further along.

I’ll wait here…

And when you find what it is you’re looking for in yourself, bring it to me please, so I can show you how I found those things in you, even before you could. And maybe then, the timing will be right for us to exist.


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