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Why Me?

The question that’s been deafening me for almost half my life…”Why Me?”

Why did my Mother die when I was 25 years old forcing me to grow up so fast?
Why did I marry a man simply to break his heart a year later?
Why could I never motivate myself to pursue a career in law?
Why did I get sick?
Why did I have to quit a job I loved?
Why did I try several times to take my life?
Why did I fail at that?
Why did I allow myself to fall in love with a man who refused to love me back?
Why did I drive across the country to “find myself” just to come back more broken?
Why did I have to go through this alone?

Pity party is over, friends.
I now KNOW “Why Me.”

God didn’t put these obstacles in my path to hurt me, to shame me, to punish me. What he did was provide me with an army to push me through. He doesn’t give any God loving soul any trial He believes they can’t muster through. He gave me all of you. From the morning I wake and take my first step, there is an army of friends pushing the other foot, and so on. I got through it all because He gave me your support and unwavering friendship.

God only gives you the hard stuff because He knows you’re strong enough to handle it.

As I’m about to start a brand new life at the ripe age of 38…new job, my own apartment, my own independence – I feel very blessed knowing that I’m never alone and I feel stronger now that I’ve realized what’s been trying to come through for such a long time.

I can do hard things. And the hard things are what keeps me strong.

All My Love,



One thought on “Why Me?

  1. I am so happy for you – one step at a time is all any of us can do – you are such a giving, beautiful person and I am so happy that you are moving in a positive direction – I am always here for you and think of you often!! Big hugs!! Donna

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