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World Suicide Prevention Day #Tomorrow15 #WSPD15

There was a time, about 7 weeks ago, that I was almost successful in taking my life. Some of you know this and most of you will read about it here. Fact is, I shouldn’t be here. My Father, perplexed and frightened sat beside me while my Psychiatrist made that point abundantly clear.

I’ve outcasted myself and in turn have made myself feel alone. This is most likely untrue as I know there are people who care but that simply isn’t how this illness works. It’s hard to ask for help when you’re in the throws of a mental break and that is part of the STIGMA.

I support this cause and maybe, just maybe, if there is anyone reading this you too could help me help myself by donating to this cause.  https://twloha.com/blog/well-see-you-tomorrow/

I’m stronger now because TWLOHA has helped greatly. And I will be part of the “We’ll See You Tomorrow” movement. I’m choosing to stay because No One Else Can Play My Part.


World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10, which coincides with National Suicide Prevention Week (September 7-13) in America. We are proud to announce this year’s campaign, which is inspired by words that closed out last year’s “No One Else Can Play Your Part” campaign:

We’ll See You Tomorrow

“Above all else, we choose to stay. We choose to fight the darkness and the sadness, to fight the questions and the lies and the myth of all that’s missing. We choose to stay, because we are stories still going. Because there is still some time for things to turn around, time for surprises and for change. We stay because no one else can play our part.
Life is worth living.
We’ll see you tomorrow.”

Those words were written by our founder, Jamie Tworkowski, on the final night of National Suicide Prevention Week. When our team got together to start dreaming up something new, we kept coming back to “We’ll See You Tomorrow.” Hope always involves tomorrow. It’s choosing to believe that things can change, that tomorrow can look different than today.

“We’ll See You Tomorrow” will run from now until September 13. Over the course of the month leading up to World Suicide Prevention Day, we’re partnering with other organizations and with people everywhere to challenge the stigma surrounding suicide.

(Taken off the To Write Love On Her Arms webpage.)


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