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What The Heck Have I Been Doing?


Watching every episode of The Big Bang Theory
Perfecting my most amazing make-up application
Shopping…A LOT
Reading…A LOT
Occasionally sleeping a full night
Trying to get back in touch with friends
Planning a trip to Georgia to visit amazing friends
Paying for my next cruise with fab upgrades
Watching a bunch of YouTube videos regarding fashion and make-up
Running and finding the peace that comes with it
On a strict diet (I would kill for a hamburger!)
Taking drives to nowhere
Waiting on word from my Girls in Maine so I can go spend the weekend
Swapping out clothes in my closet for the SMALLER sizes I have packed away
Dodging love like it’s the plague (this time is all about me!)
Finding happiness in the smallest things
Feeling better – SO much better – in regards to my illness
Still struggling with anxiety quite a bit…but I’m working on it
Spending more time with my Dad
Changing/deleting playlists on my iPod
Seriously considering a trip to Bali in the Fall of 2016
That’s my life in list form, Friends! This is what has been keeping me away from all my crazy blogging for weeks. I thought it was just important for the people who care to know I’m doing well. Well, better than well, really. It’s been a long time since I’ve walked with meaning and accomplishment. And most importantly it needs to be said…

I’m happy.

Light & Love,


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