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Where To Go From Here

Long time no write, friends!

Since I’ve gotten the okay from my doctor to “get back out there!” I’ve been so incredibly perplexed about which way to turn. Dental? Medical? Administrative Assistant? Where do I want to make my home – because lets face it, we spend more time at work than at home (or maybe that’s just my disgusting work ethic??)

I’ve been severely underwhelmed interviewing for the above mentioned positions, to say the least. What do I do? Where do I go from here?

My cousin in Michigan put a bug in my ear when I was out there visiting recently. Rachel is a flight attendant and is in love with it. Her boyfriend is a pilot for the same airline and when he has a layover, she just jumps on a plane and heads out to pass the time with him. It would be super amazing to not have to pay for airfare ever again! What’s a flight attendant…? To me, it’s mainly customer service which is where I excel. Oh, and actually having to know the steps to evacuating an aircraft because I don’t think I’ve EVER paid attention to those directions (!)

I’ve applied to every airline mostly out of Detroit as Hartford isn’t hiring currently. I have no problems making the move to Michigan if need be. I have family there as well and I simply have the Wanderlust bug so I can make anywhere home. And it’s only 12 hours away so I can easily get back to CT if need be.

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a non-profit organization in Melbourne, FL which I support 110%. They give a voice to all people who suffer from mental illness and they, up to the other day, have only advertised for interns never an actual position. I was WELL under qualified but I was given the push to apply anyway. This would be a dream.

It hit me yesterday afternoon why I had never thought of working on a cruise ship. And yes, now I remember that my friend Tommy mentioned it when I was visiting him and Melanie in VA a little while back. It obviously didn’t stick! I did apply last night to Carnival with just a teeny bit of hesitation. Traveling around the world on a floating hotel is never a bad idea. They have ships out of Australia, Fiji, New Orleans, Miami, etc. That’s a solid gold way to travel! The schedule is mainly a 6-8 month contract with 2-3 months of “vacation.” On sea days I could work up to 14 hour days but on days we are in port, I could only work 4-5 hours. Every cruise would be different. I would obviously have a roommate and share a bathroom. The crew rooms are about 2/3rds the size of a typical cabin which is super cozy. The beds are bunk and there is one small closet and one desk. Ugh. That’s what may be tough. However, I can adjust to anything.

So this is what I’ve been up to during my sabbatical. I am in quite a pickle with where I will be able to plant roots but if that’s my biggest problem, I think I’m doing just fine! And I wish the same for all of you. Be well, friends.

Light & Love,


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