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Sitting In A Bar

Hi friends,
I have not been keeping up on my life events for one simple reason…


I understand that is no excuse but it’s just about impossible to write while laying in the hot sun and the only time I’m in my cabin is to shower and then when I’m too drunk to stand – I sleep. A vicious cycle, you see.

We have just left our last port, Grand Turk, and we will have a full day
at sea tomorrow and then Sunday morning I will head back home to reality. Sad thing is that I have met such an amazing and fun group of people here from Georgia that I will miss laughing with. I feel blessed to have met them and hope to keep in close touch.

I have been working on a special blog over the past few days that I may start writing once I get home. It will touch on some of my deepest thoughts and life questions. Stay tuned!

Light & Love,


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