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Kristen’s Ten Rules For Potential Happiness

wpid-2015-05-17-20.12.00.jpg.jpegHello friends!

So what makes me think I have all the answers, huh? I’m creeping up on forty, divorced, live with my Dad, suffer from mental health issues, medicated daily and single. Doesn’t really sound like the decent combination to be giving out advice on happiness but, really, it kinda does. Ya see, happiness hasn’t ever come easily to me. I had to run after it numerous times, chase it three quarters of the way across the country, jump the “pond” and seek it out through Europe and I board a cruise ship at least twice a year searching. Trust me on this one, I’ve figured it out. And here we go:

1.  Always, always, always follow your gut as it is always right (this one took me a long time to understand).

2.  Try to keep “extra” cash in your savings just in case you HAVE to buy the shoes.

3.  Never take your family for granted. They may not understand your path but they will love you through it.

4.  Vacation romances are always a good idea (most I will take to my grave! 💋)

5.  Ask for help. When life gets dark and twisty don’t be ashamed to ask for a hand. You’d be surprised who reaches out first.

6.  Never stay at a job you don’t love going to every day. Life is too short.

7.  Take walks through open fields, take too many pictures, tell people you love them and always hug it out.

8.  Nobody is ever THAT busy. If they don’t make time for you then they sure as hell don’t “love you.”

9.  Be kind to every living thing in the world. It’s the right thing to do.

10.  Love yourself just as you are. Don’t change for anybody as it simply takes away your individuality.


11.  Don’t forget the people who were there for you when you needed them. As for the others, they simply just weren’t meant to stay.

And there you have it. I’m certain I could expand on this list for quite a while but I think you get my point. Just be good humans and do NOT let people lie to you. They serve no purpose in your world.

Tonight, friends…I not only send you light and love but the stars and the moon, too. 💡❤️⭐️🌙


Kristen Jae


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