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A Touching Goodbye

Hi friends,

As I wrap up my time in Richmond, Virginia and say goodbye to a person I would consider family (my Mom LOVED “Tommy J”) I’m left again with a heavy heart. This guy has shown me so much over the past several months and then even more throughout the past three days. In different ways he has shown me God, he has demanded that I look harder within myself, he has shown me what a good man does for his family, he has shown me sacrifice, he has shown me true friendship. He reminds me of exactly who I’m trying to be. Our drinks and dinner tonight was simply the perfect way to wrap up my journey.

I’m ready to go home and take everything I learned into account while piecing my world back together.

Oh, side note: If anyone ever finds themselves in the Richmond area and are in need of an eyebrow wax, Melanie’s spa is FANTASTIC! She used a soy based wax and I had zero irritation. Let me know!

Light & Love,




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