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The Perfect Day

Hi there!

I had such a busy day today and with it being a GORGEOUS 83 degrees in Richmond…super hot! I have truly missed the sunshine.

I started out by heading to a beautiful place called Maymont which can be easily described as similar to Harkness Park in Waterford, CT. A financially well off family handed their estate down in 1925 and sits above the James River. The gardens, the mansion, the animals and the grounds in general left me exhausted but I just wanted to keep walking to see what I could find.

When I left there I saw a beautifully landscaped pond and wanted to take a closer look. As I pulled down the street I noticed it was called Swan Lake and it was packed with geese (or is it gooses?!) I parked and observed them for quite awhile before walking up the hill and seeing another gorgeous pond with plushy green grass that was calling out to me. I laid a blanket down and read my book for quite a while. Ahh…relaxation at its best.

Now, at the suggestion of Melanie, I was bound for Carytown which had fantastic boutique shopping. I casually walked in and out of several shops having friendly chitchat with folks. Then I spotted a specialty cupcake shop! Yes, I indulged in a margarita cupcake that was sinful.

All in all, I truly believe I spent this day doing absolutely what a Virginia tourist should have. What a perfect day!

Light & Love,




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