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I Stood Back Up

🎶 I’ve been beaten up and bruised, I’ve  been kicked right outta my shoes, been down on my knees more times than you’d believe. When the darkness tries to get me, there’s a light that just won’t let me. It may take my pride and tears will fill my eyes, but I’ll stand back up 🎶

Hi friends,

So yesterday, huh? Yeah, that was a tough day/night. But the good news is that the morning brought me to a better place and I’m okay. Emotions are running on super high levels since the beginning of this trip but my very wise Therapist told me that what I’m doing and feeling is probably exactly what I should be doing and feeling. That this is what I wanted to pull out of myself. Grieving things lost like My Love or my Sweet Mother or the loss of the job I loved. All of it.

She also reminded me of a particular part in the movie “Wild” where Reese Witherspoon was so overwhelmed with feelings but she kept walking and pushing through it. She told me that despite my fear I could face it and push through it. And it didn’t matter if I was headed home or on to a next stop it’s still my journey and would never be a waste but an accomplishment.

So I woke up, made my way through the rest of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and pretty much all of Kentucky. What I have waiting at the end of this rainbow is Tommy and his family. I will spend an unknown amount of time there before heading back home. And you know what – I don’t care if I never made it to California or Tennessee or Louisiana…what I’ve done so far is something that I never would have thought of doing before I got sick. That means something to me. People are still proud of what I’m doing and I’m not scared anymore.

Now I will watch “Wild” once again and close my eyes for the night.

Light & Love,



One thought on “I Stood Back Up

  1. Sounds like you are right where you are supposed to be! Time is on your side and so is Jesus…look for Him, he has your back my love. Lord Bless. Peace and love!😇


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