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Oh, Kansas…

Hi friends,

Salina, Kansas. Wow. Google maps is taking me all over the damn place! Obviously, I’m headed back east and have decided not to move on to California. Why? I think a part of me is a little homesick and quite frankly, I’m getting pretty tired of living out of hotels.

It was a simple and easy ride out of Denver and into Kansas but I never knew how big this state really is! I’m just about half way through it and I drove for nine hours today. It was the typical country setting…ragweed blowing across the highway, looking as far out into the fields and seeing the horizon and I saw so many REAL Cowboys! I was chatting with one guy, Ryan, at a gas station about how far through the state I was and before saying goodbye he opened my car door for me. Where has chivalry gone in the world?!

So now, being on central time, I’ve finished watching GREY’S, it’s 9:15 pm and it’s time for bed. I have quite the ride into Tennessee tomorrow (absolutely cannot wait!)

Sweet dreams from Kansas.

Light & Love,



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