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Another Goodbye

Hello again, friends –

Today was amazing! Thomas came and got me super early this morning and took me for a scenic tour up to the mountains. How humbling to see such beauty. I’ve never smiled so much or have taken so many pictures as I never want to forget what I had the opportunity to see. I am a very blessed individual. This I know for sure.

It amazes me on the amount of knowledge Thomas has for this state. We even took a dirt road (with no guardrails) up to an abandoned town. Super scary ride but the history that’s there is remarkable. I simply cannot say enough about what this state has shown me. From downtown Denver to the mountains…I’m literally so lucky.

During my time here I believe I’ve changed a bit. First and foremost I have realized exactly how much of a friend I have in Thomas. It is something real and special that I stumbled upon while looking for sunless tanner at Ulta in Lisbon, CT and I followed it all the way to Denver, CO. And I would do it again.

Just as I asked my cousin Theresa how do you know if love is real…now I wonder how do you know WHAT is actually real?

This I know the answer to. “Real” is what comes to you and stays. Through all the tough stuff and all the laughter. Through distance, through life curves, during super hard times…it stays. That’s what I think real is. That’s what I want more of in my life. I need more Thomas’!

We said our goodbyes and parted ways but I will always be a loyal friend to this Southern Gem. He is the ideal friend that I will keep close to my heart for now and for always.

Thank you, Thomas – for amazing memories. I love you.

Light & Love,



Look familiar to anyone?


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