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A Piece of Me

Hi friends,

What a lovely day I was blessed with. It started out with being picked up by my cousin Jimmy, his wife Elaine and my Aunt Yvette. My God does she look like my Mom. We simply just sat around catching up on things which I would’ve been content with doing all day. Then my cousin Theresa Lynn came by with her daughter Maddie who I squeezed so tight. I can’t believe little Maddie is sixteen. We all went to dinner and then I had to say goodbye to my Aunt and Jimmy. Short visit but it’s better than no visit.

I had a question on my mind that I posed to the family.

“How do you know if love is true?”

Theresa had a very good answer to this. She said that love is misconceived as an emotion where she sees it more as a decision. A decision you make every single day that you are going to love this man or this woman no matter what. Not when they feel like it. Not when the time is right. Not when the stars align. ALL THE TIME. That’s when you know love is…love.

People have loved me that I didn’t love in return and I’ve loved one man who, let’s face it, doesn’t love me back. I suppose the sooner that punches me in the gut the better. A decision. She’s totally right. You wake up wherever you are in the world and you make the conscience decision to love. That’s beautiful.

Tomorrow is a girls day! Me, Theresa, Maddie and Rachel are going shopping. With Rachel being a flight attendant it’s hard to catch her home but she is! I will first stop in and see my other second cousins, Brandon, Noah and little Ethan. Theresa Lynn…if you ever see this…I am so proud of the person that you are.

I truly think I found a piece of me today. I found it in my family. We hold so much love.

Love & Light,



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