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Wishy-Washy Feelings

Hello friends,

Well let me tell ya – sleep was impossible last night. I don’t remember ever being so scared and excited all at the same time. However, I received a wonderful phone call this morning from my friend, Thomas, and he just has a way of empowering me so I put my last bag in the car and blew out of town!

Not much to say about how I landed in Bloomburg, PA but I am here. I was lucky to get the last available room and also that the Cracker Barrel was in the same parking lot! So now I’m ready to rest up for the second half of my journey into Monroe, MI where I will find love, hugs, laughs, stories and memories. I made it so that I would be with my Angel Mother’s side of the family on the 12th Anniversary of her death which is on Thursday. There’s no place I would rather be on that particular day. Isn’t it crazy that I have a 3rd cousin?! He is a handsome devil, too!

I keep thinking that PA is the absolute longest and most boring state but I think I’m forgetting that I will eventually be hitting Nebraska, Idaho, Missouri…ugh! Oh! And thanks to my Thomas, I’ve changed my course. He’s in Denver and his thought is…why not go coast-to-coast? Just head on straight to CA from CO? Again, and per the norm, he’s right! So I can honestly say I’ve put my feet in the Pacific Ocean.

I will have much more to update tomorrow after I get some family lovin’!

Light & Love,



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